If The Last Carbon Atom Of An Unsaturated Fatty Acid Is Bonded To Two Hydrogen Atoms And One Carbon Atom, What Type Of Bond Must Exist Between The Last Carbon And The Other Carbon Atom? Single Double Triple Quadruple (2023)

1. SOLVED: If the last carbon atom of an unsaturated fatty acid is bonded to ...

  • Sep 20, 2022 · If a carbon atom is bonded to two hydrogen atoms and two carbon atoms, what type of bond must exist between the carbon atoms? single double

  • VIDEO ANSWER: The answer to the question is carbon is a tetravalentatom. That means it has a capacity to either give 4 atoms or or give 4 electrons or take 4 e…

SOLVED: If the last carbon atom of an unsaturated fatty acid is bonded to ...

2. Unsaturated means that each C atom is bonded to four other atoms (H or C)

3. 17.1: Fatty Acids - Chemistry LibreTexts

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  • Fatty acids are carboxylic acids that are the structural components of many lipids. They may be saturated or unsaturated. Most fatty acids are unbranched and contain an even number of carbon atoms. …

17.1: Fatty Acids - Chemistry LibreTexts

4. [PDF] Elements & Macromolecules in Organisms

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5. Chemistry Module Two

  • Oct 26, 2001 · ... between atoms, a different bond type is found-- a covalent bond. An ... one oxygen atom bound by single covalent bonds to two hydrogen atoms.

6. [PDF] ChemDraw 17.0 User Guide - Columbia University Libraries

  • To change one type of double bond to another: 1. Select the Bold, Dashed, or ... Click the carbon atom until three bonds appear, allowing a pause between each ...

7. Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Metal Carbamates - PMC - NCBI

  • When the lone pair on the nitrogen atom attacks the carbon atom of CO2, a zwitterionic Lewis acid/base adduct can be formed. At this step, a hydrogen atom can ...

  • Following a related review dating back to 2003, the present review discusses in detail the various synthetic, structural and reactivity aspects of metal species containing one or more carbamato ligands, representing a large family of compounds across ...

Recent Advances in the Chemistry of Metal Carbamates - PMC - NCBI

8. [DOC] Elements Found in Living Things

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9. carbon double bond: Topics by Science.gov

  • The transition metal catalyst comprises a Group 8 metal and a ligand containing one or more 2-electron donor atoms. The present invention is also directed to ...

10. [PDF] Stability in Liquid Phases of Molecular Compounds Composed of ...

  • Feb 28, 2022 · In organic chemistry, an atom is said to be unsaturated only when it does have multiple bonds. Inversely, compounds containing double or triple ...


  • ... bond sp2 hybridization. Linear. 1 single bond. 1 triple bond sp hybridization. 180. 120. 109.5 ... Notice that in all cases each carbon atom forms four bonds. GO ...


What is an unsaturated fatty acid with two or more double bonds between carbon atoms? ›

Thus, saturated fatty acids contain no carbon-to-carbon double bonds, monounsaturated fatty acids contain one carbon-to-carbon double bond, and polyunsaturated fatty acids contain two or more carbon-to-carbon double bonds.

Can a carbon atom contain a single double triple or quadruple bond? ›

Carbon atoms can form single, double, triple covalent bonds; but there is no experimental evidence for the formation of quadruple covalent bond.

What happens because of the double bonds in the carbon chain of an unsaturated fatty acid? ›

In an unsaturated fatty acids, the hydrocarbon chain contains at least one carbon-carbon double bond (alkene). The double bonds are usually cis. The presence of a cis double bond causes chains to bend or kink in the hydrocarbon tail (see figure 11.1. 2).

What bonds occur between carbons in an unsaturated fatty acid? ›

Carbon-carbon double bonds (unsaturations) are found in naturally occurring fatty acids. There may be one double bond or many, up to six in important fatty acids. Fatty acids with one double bond are the most prevalent in the human body, comprising about half of the total.

What is it called when a fatty acid has two or more double bond? ›

Unsaturated Fatty Acids

These fatty acids are subdivided into two groups depending on the number of double bonds. A single double bond is termed monounsaturated, and those with more than one double bond are termed polyunsaturated.

What type of fatty acids have two or more double bonds? ›

Saturated fatty acids contain no carbon-carbon double bonds, monounsaturated fatty acids contain one carbon-carbon double bond, and polyunsaturated fatty acids contain two or more carbon-carbon double bonds.

Can carbon form single double and triple covalent bonds with other elements? ›

Carbon has four valence electrons, so it can achieve a full outer energy level by forming four covalent bonds. When it bonds only with hydrogen, it forms compounds called hydrocarbons. Carbon can form single, double, or triple covalent bonds with other carbon atoms.

What are single double and triple carbon bonds? ›

Carbon can form single, double, or even triple bonds with other carbon atoms. In a single bond, two carbon atoms share one pair of electrons. In a double bond, they share two pairs of electrons, and in a triple bond they share three pairs of electrons.

Is co a single double or triple covalent bond? ›

What is the meaning of CO bond? Carbon monoxide has a triple covalent bond, in which two are normal covalent bonds and one is a dative bond. A dative bond itself is a coordinate covalent bond. Here oxygen shares its lone pair of electrons with carbon, making a coordinate covalent bond.

What happens when a double bond is present in the carbon chain? ›

Double-bonded carbons are sp2-hybridized, and have trigonal planar shapes, with the bonded atoms at angles of 120° to each other. Free rotation is not possible around carbon-carbon double bonds in alkenes, making the carbon chains less flexible and "floppy" than those of alkanes with the same number of carbons.

Do long chain unsaturated fatty acids with more double bonds have a lower melting temperature? ›

As the number of the cis bonds increases the intermolecular interactions reduce further. This causes the melting point to go down further. Therefore, the double bonds are actually reducing the melting point. Thus, the melting point of unsaturated Fatty acids decreases with an increase in double bonds.

What does the double bond between carbon atoms in an unsaturated fat do to the amount of hydrogen atoms in the fat compared to a saturated fat )? ›

(The thing that fatty acids are saturated with is hydrogen; in a saturated fat, as many hydrogen atoms as possible are attached to the carbon skeleton.) When the hydrocarbon chain has a double bond, the fatty acid is said to be unsaturated, as it now has fewer hydrogens.

What happens to double bonds of unsaturated fatty acids in the hydrogenation reaction? ›

Full hydrogenation results in the conversion of all of the unsaturated fats into saturated fats by transforming all of the double bonds in the fat into single bonds. Partial hydrogenation reduces some, but not all, of the double bonds by the partial replacement with single bonds.

Do unsaturated fatty acids have carbon to carbon double and triple bonds? ›

Unsaturated fatty acids have one or more carbon-carbon double bonds. The term unsaturated indicates that fewer than the maximum possible number of hydrogen atoms are bonded to each carbon in the molecule.

What type of bond appears in an unsaturated fatty acid give an example of an unsaturated fatty acid? ›

All double bonds present in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids can be classified either as odd-numbered double bonds, like the 9-cis double bond of oleic acid and linoleic acid or as even-numbered double bonds like the 12-cis double bond of linoleic acid.

Can carbon atoms have quadruple bonds? ›

Quadruple bonds for carbon had been considered as impossible for a long time. Recently we showed that quadruple bonding is viable in a triatomic uranium carbide oxide molecule CUO, where the terminal C is quadruply bonded with U via its nearly unhybridized 2s- and 2p-orbitals.

Can you have a quadruple carbon bond? ›

Quadruple bonding of carbon to uranium with rich valence shell (sdf) has been reported to exist in the triatomic uranium carbide oxide molecule CUO and related species, due to availability of both 2p and unhybridized 2s orbitals of carbon31,32.

Is there a carbon-carbon quadruple bond? ›

Carbon is well known to form single, double, and triple C−C bonds in compounds. There is a recent report (2012) that carbon forms a quadruple bond in diatomic carbon, C2.

Can carbon quadruple bond with carbon? ›

The fourth bond (quadruple bond) if formed would be pointing away from the two carbons. In order for this bond to exist, the other three bonds need to be tremendously bent and this is energetically very unfeasible. This strain thus resists the formation of the quadruple bond.


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